Celebrant Services




Omps Funeral Home is excited to add the services of a Certified Celebrant to the list of specialized services offered.

Joseph R. Dilleree and Timothy L. Grum are licensed funeral directors and embalmers at the Omps Funeral Home and Cremation Center. Recently, both completed training to be Certified Funeral Celebrants.

A Funeral Celebrant is a non- clergy person or funeral director who has been trained in the specific area of conducting funerals for families who wish to have a personalized and individualized funeral service experience.

Celebrants are for those who would prefer a service focused on their loved one’s life. They offer personalized funeral services, tributes, memorial services, or graveside memorial services. Services can be selected to fill the needs of any family. The Celebrant will meet with the family and clergy to help design a service that reflects the life and attributes of their loved one.

For more information or questions about this new program, call the Omps Funeral Home and Cremation Center.

“Funerals are no longer what they once were. Celebrating the deceased in a way that is just as unique as the individual is what we specialize in. If you have never had the opportunity to take part in a service conducted by a funeral celebrant, it is truly distinctive. We do this because we care. Regardless of the individual, everyone has a story to tell that deserves to be shared. It is our honor to show and sometimes remind the family and friends of the amazing things people have done throughout their lifetime. Remembering the whole life is important and although we can recognize and appreciate their religious and spiritual beliefs. It’s our honor that when sharing the story, no one will ever forget the day and time they set aside to be part of such a sacred event.”

~Joseph R. Dilleree

“Being a Funeral Celebrant is truly a rewarding experience. There are many times when families don’t know exactly what they want, they just know they want something different. That is where we come in. From the moment we sit with the family for the initial visit, to that final moment we are together, it is a special celebration…a special journey. A journey full of stories that bring on waves of emotion about their most prized treasure…the loved one they lost.”

~Timothy L. Grum