Funeral Options

Omps believes there is no right or wrong way to have a funeral. Whether you are seeking traditional services that would include earth burial or cremation, a memorial service, a gathering for family and friends or even a reception, our funeral directors are passionate in helping you explore the options that are most appropriate for you and your family.

The grief associated with the passing of a loved one impacts more than the family. The loss of a remarkable individual has effects on all those individuals who lived and worked in the same community. We want to work closely with the family to insure a true remembrance of the deceased is obtained.


Making Arrangements

Many people do not have experience making funeral arrangements. We take the time to explain the process.

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What to Bring

Here is a checklist of everything you may need for your first arrangements with us.

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We offer families the opportunity to create their own personalized caskets.


Beyond burial and cremation, are the virtually unlimited choices for personalizing an Omps funeral.

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Financial Arrangements

We will make every effort to help you structure your payment to meet your needs and your circumstances.

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