Every Life Tells a Story.

Today, there is a distinct choice to be made between traditional burial and the trend of cremation. Many people now decide early, expressing their wishes to family and even friends how they want to be cared for. Some will opt for a casket with a burial in a cemetery and others will choose an urn placed in a mausoleum niche or a scattering of cremated remains.

Beyond burial and cremation, are the virtually unlimited choices for personalizing an Omps funeral. Honor and celebrate a loved one’s life by creating a truly special Omps-produced ceremony featuring everything he or she loved.

with-flowersFor example, Omps can provide a heavenward release of doves or balloons. Or play special, favorite and meaningful music. Bagpipes or taps can be played. A web cast about your loved one can be created to share with loved ones who are unable to attend because of distance. Photo boards can be assembled with memorabilia for those who pay their respects at Omps.  Words, video, photos and music can be edited in a memorial website.  A memorial table with a table top of memories surrounded by photos, flowers and candles can be assembled. Healing walls can be fabricated, with plaques to remember someone special in a cemetery, mausoleum or cremation garden. A tribute video about a loved one can be edited and copied with a custom DVD case art and design.

So, if burial or cremation is the decision, either by early choice or a last-minute family agreement, know that Omps will make sure your choices for personalization will be carried out to the letter.

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