All Pets Cremation Center

all-petsOmps’ All Pets Cremation Center understands how important a pet is to both individuals, children and families. We also understand how difficult it is to deal with their remains.

This is why Omps created our special All Pets Cremation Center. All Omps employees have owned pets. All feel pets are an integral part of any family. So they know how difficult it is to lose a pet. Like people, Omps is dedicated to caring for a furry or feathered loved one.

When the death of a pet occurs – unexpectedly or at the veterinarian’s office, the Omps staff is ready, 24/7, to transfer your pet to our facility.

Before a pet is cremated at Omps, a paw print is made and a lock of fur is taken for all those who loved the pet, as a special keepsake.

Omps’ All Pets Cremation Center offers private cremation which places your pet in the cremation chamber alone. The owner can view the process if they wish. This option is an Omps exclusive.

Every family animal at All Pets Cremation Center is cremated individually. This guarantees that the cremated remains are those of your pet. Cremated remains are returned within 48 hours. Guaranteed.

All cremations include a paw-print metal urn. Omps also offers a wonderful selection of decorative urns, memorial items, and wearable keepsakes, sealed with the cremated remains of your pet.