Condolences for John O. Marsh, Jr.

Hope Henry Brim posted on 2/17/19

Remember Mr and Mrs Marsh and their 3 "children" fondly; Rob, Becky, Scott, and their spouses along with the grandchildren were blessed with very humble but accomplished parents and the same seems to be true of all of you(you had excellent role models); know you have many wonderful memories to sustain you now.


Nancy Kibler Rabe posted on 2/16/19

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I have such wonderful memories of your Dad when we were neighbors. He was an amazing man with integrity and honesty. He will be missed by many.


Hollister Cantus posted on 2/16/19

A unique, ethical example • The Washington Post • 16 Feb 2019 • H. Hollister Cantus, McLean The writer was deputy assistant secretary of defense for House legislative affairs and a staffer on the House Armed Services Committee. As John O. Marsh Jr.’s deputy for House legislative affairs until he was called to the White House, I can tell you from close personal observation that Marsh was the most ethical political person I have met in 50 years “working” the Hill [“Served in Vietnam while a lawmaker, was Ford’s ‘conscience,’ ” obituaries, Feb. 5]. He refused to take the Democrats’ loyalty oath and did not run for reelection in the House of Representatives in 1970 because he felt it was not right to retain his congressional position and commit his constituents’ vote if he couldn’t take his party’s oath. Marsh took unpaid leave to serve in Vietnam in 1966 on the condition he not be assigned to a desk. He wanted to see what the combat situation was up close and personal. When he returned to the House, he was the go-to guy for members of both parties for a true accounting of what the Vietnam War was like. The resignation and the unpaid combat tour were examples of a level of ethical conduct missing from much of today’s Congress and clearly define Marsh as a unique participant in his profession. We may not see his kind again — unfortunately.


AT Funkhouser ‘81 posted on 2/16/19

I’m sorry to hear about your dad Scot. I remember my dad talking about Jack when I was growing up. He always spoke very highly of him.


George Hoffman posted on 2/13/19

My sincere condolences to all the Marsh family. I'm a Strasburg resident who still has wonderful memories of interactions and relationships with the family dating back to the 60s. I'm so proud to have known Mr. Marsh those many years ago. He was certainly a wonderful role model to emulate and look up to!


James (Jimmy) Nickens posted on 2/12/19

To the Marsh family my deepest condolence to all, James (Jimmy) NickensJJj


Carolyn McCartney posted on 2/12/19

Although I had never met or even heard of your father "Jack Marsh", I was profoundly moved by his incredible dedication and humble public service to his country. I was left wondering why we no longer have these types of role models today. Then while reading the obituary, I was stunned to realize that I actually knew his son, someone that I have looked up to for years. His dedication to his patients and humble service to our country during Vietnam is a reflection of his father's character. Dr "Rob" Marsh and I worked together at Augusta Medical Center. They do still make them like they used to.!! My condolences to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your father with us. God Bless


Bucky Burruss posted on 2/11/19

Fare thee well, Mr. Secretary. See you "round the corner." Thanks for all you did for this nation and this commonwealth.


Roger Sherman posted on 2/9/19

My deepest sympathy.


Billy Flippo Palm Beach, Fl. posted on 2/9/19

To The Marsh family, Jack was often spoken about by his parents who I grew up near on Cambell St. in Harrisonburg, Va. where most were proud to have known him.


James Hughes posted on 2/9/19

Rob and Scott: Your Dad had a big impact on my life and gave me many great memories when visiting him in DC. My thoughts are with you and your family at this time.



Sandy & Ricky Shifflett posted on 2/8/19

We got to know Mr. Marsh through the Blue Ridge Christian Home, we are so very sorry for your loss to the family and friends. God be with you all


Will Cofer posted on 2/8/19

A true patriot and a True Virginian and strong supporter of Special Forces. RIP



Gary & Linda Defibaugh posted on 2/7/19

You and your family are in our thought and Prayers 💞